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Repeatable and reliable results, harmonizing standard work practices, control system integration

Your company has grown, expanded and developed but often with growth comes a sacrifice of consistency and quality. Basic economic theory states that economies of scale peak, level off and at many times begin to decrease as production rises. Recognizing the needs and challenges that come with larger size and increased production is a task many companies fail to address, ultimately reducing productivity and eventually the bottom line. But this phenomenon need not be the necessary price of doing good business. A review of controls can ensure that processes remain consistent, output continues to be maximized and quality is guaranteed.

APEC Engineering can provide an objective review of your companies’ growing pains and provide recommendations and modifications that will help you adapt to the new challenges your growth presents. We review your processes with an eye to quality control and consistency. In many cases, automated control systems can be added, altered and improved so that your production processes advance along with your bottom line.

In certain cases, control systems may not be the issue. APEC Engineering is proficient at creating a road map to process control through optimizing work spaces, work processes, practices and methods. We study your production process from the human interface to the mechanical and electrical machine perspective providing the unique mix of manpower and methods.

  • Process Variable Reduction

  • Standard Work Practices

  • Automated Control Systems

  • HMI and Data Acquisition

  • Recipe Control