Engineering, construction, and project management services for a wide range of industries.


Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and developed systems for improving processes and production

Growth comes in many ways, increased sales, orders and profits being the most evident and the most desirable. But in a strained economy growth needs to be more internal and more proactive. Making changes to processes and production methods can create growth both in the short and long-term using the resources most companies already have. Taking steps to recognize what changes can and need to be made is the first step in process enhancement.

Our strength lies in having the vision to analyze your operation and identify strengths that can be maximized and make modifications to processes and equipment to maintain your competitive edge and raise you to the next level.

Reducing production times, maximizing material usage, boosting employee output, minimizing waste and inefficiency. Our engineering group analyzes methods of production with the ultimate goal of process enhancement. We offer streamlined methods that raise productivity, enhance quality, eliminate redundancy and promote employee confidence. Our recommendations are based on the evaluation of our customer’s unique needs and can range from simple modifications to revamped processes to creative new solutions.

  • Lean Manufacturing Methods

  • Six Sigma Methods

  • Standard Work Practices

  • Integrated Control Systems with Effective User Interfaces

  • Automation

  • Process and Material Mapping and Flow Design