Engineering, construction, and project management services for a wide range of industries.


Spectrum: Rail Car Thawing, Feed Systems, Separation Systems, Coating, Converting, Filling, Custom Applications

To maintain a competitive edge, industry leaders demand new or improved applications to manufacture new products, increase production, improve quality, reduce waste and ensure employee safety.

APEC Engineering is a proven provider of applications for new production methods, manufacturing cost reductions and quality improvement. From specialty vessel filling systems to state-of-the-art rail car thawing; from coating machine refurbishment to specialty winding to mixing systems, APEC Engineering creates applications to improve our customer’s competitive edge and overall bottom line. Your application needs and business success is our focus. Our ability to envision, our experience in many industries, sound engineering practices and cooperative relationships with customers and vendors create a formula for your success

Rail Car Thawing

  • Surface Temperature Control

  • Rail Car Positioning

  • Solid State Power Control with Power Demand Management

Chemical Feed Systems

  • High and Low Pressure Feed Systems

  • Power Generation Facilities, Oil and Gas Operations, Waste Water Treatment, Oily Water Separation, NOX Reduction

Oil & Water Separation

  • API, CPI, Coalescing

  • Standard Gravity, Pressurized Systems

  • Flow Rates Capacities from 1 to 2,500 GPM

Coating and Converting

  • Coating and Laminating

  • Slitting, Sheeting, Slicing

  • Material Delivery Systems

Compounding and Delivery

  • Automated Batching and Recipe Control

  • Adhesives, Fluids, Sand, Resin, Gravel

  • Pneumatic Conveying, Pumping, Feeders