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Rail Car Thawing

Anyone who has come up against a 100 ton block of frozen coal knows the unique challenges of unloading coal cars in winter. As long as rail remains the leading transport method of bulk materials and coal commands the premier position as an energy source, thawing coal-laden railcars is a necessary process for our industries.

Selecting the most efficient energy source for thawing and creating the most effective processes in which it is to be done has been the business of APEC engineers for years. We evaluate the unique characteristics of each site from northern Nevada to Pennsylvania to Canada and Kazakhstan and create a facility that is cost-effective and productive. APEC Engineering proposes and implements a thawing system that minimizes energy usage and cost while maximizing speed and efficiency. Our experience with radiant infrared heating systems and our relationships with the spectrum of gas and electric heating vendors make us a leader in thawing system application.

  • Effective coal weather rail car dumping

  • Energy Savings

  • Eliminate Demurrage Charges

  • Reduce Risk of Rail Car Damage and Federal Stickers

  • Reduce Labor and Injuries